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On 12/29/14 5:10 PM, [email protected] wrote:
> Could you please post your FOIA and the address you mailed it to? I am
> interested in filing a FOIA on NSA. Thanks.

Consider using MuckRock to file your FOIA request, track the response
schedule, and automatically post responsive documents publicly:

You can review successful requests to the NSA to discern ways to
encourage timely responses, or use them as templates.  The MuckRock
folks are doing important work to provide an environment for FOIA
requestors to avoid duplicative efforts, automate the tedium, and create
a powerful new community.  You can follow interesting requests to be
notified when there are status changes and get the docs immediately.


Gregory Foster || [email protected]
@gregoryfoster <> http://entersection.com/