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NSA Attacks on VPN, SSL, TLS, SSH, Tor

 From discussion on these lists and elsewhere tampering with
data can, does, occur at every software and hardware hand-off,
with each self-serving iteration having hidden and vulnerable hardware
and software undisclosed malignity, no matter the security ostentatiously
applied: reputation, credibility, impeccability, highly trusted, crypto,
hashes, fail by ruses of unexamined modules and inevitable, unavoidable
deceptions of too little skill, too little time, too little 
suspicion, driven by
need to pay alimony, debts, IRS, loutish family's begging.

Selected hand-offs of innumerable:

Multiple devious inventors, manufacturers and handlers inside and outside NSA
Devious NSA leaking like a sieve to madly grabbing everything devious Snowden
Snowden madly shoveling everything to multiple exceptionally devious 
media persons
Multiple media persons to hyper devious lawyers, publishing staff, 
tech experts, govs consulted
Devious selections of data to publish, then revised, then corrected
DEvious posting on outlet web sites and shoveling to cohort journos
Devious "authenticating" of docs (the prime deception)

Deviously orchestrated subsequently:

Downloads of docs
Sharing of docs
Archiving of docs
Dropboxing, torrenting of docs
Biased analysis and cherrypicking of docs
Multiple tagging and piggybacking and implanting of docs
Shading, smearing, vaunting, lying about docs
Accusing and defending about docs
Writing, lecturing, TEDing about docs
Dismissing of docs, the threat, the countermeasures

Then deviously shipping, shopping fools to take blame
by signature-bold leaders of pro and con opportunities
or to a prize ceremony for valorizing the criminal prize-funder
and bestowing generous tax avoidances.

These vulns and subterfuges and braggardies are as old as
comsec, hyperbolized by the digital era for rep building,
monetizing, and political ideology. These lists survive on
ingesting these toxic fumes and expel multiple recyclings
of them for jingle-jangle of gullible consumers, here as in
in the spy agencies working the yokels.

"NSA" or some monstrous threat -- God, Google, Cisco, MS --
is inside our skulls and peripherals, left brain in mortal combat
with the right brain, digital vs analog. Or so we imagine the two
halves pretending opposition like officials and anarchists to
outfox deviously malign genitalia orchestrating brain to slave at
getting food, air and water -- rigging the mind game to lose
after 60-70 years of wanking the slot handle obsessively.

Hash this motherfucker, said math to germ.

At 03:02 AM 12/29/2014, you wrote:
>Suggestion: Anyone with a correct version, post sha512 hashes to 
>list. Those with hashes matching John: Do *NOT* change filename, 
>make a single-file torrent, and start seeding. Should have same 
>info-hash, so should simultaneously seed from same DHT node. John 
>can post a magnet link here (or the torrent file on cryptome?) and 
>we can get a verifiable version through P2P.
>On 29/12/14 06:33, Peter Tonoli wrote:
>>On 29/12/2014 3:50 pm, Gregory Foster wrote:
>>>On 12/28/14 10:07 PM, Ryan Carboni wrote:
>>>>CRC failed in 'media-35515.pdf' file is broken
>>>>I guess this is why John never promised anonymity to his sources, he
>>>>can't get zip files right.
>>>Zip worked for me.  Thanks, John.
>>Failed for me, using both UnArchiver and UnRarX :(