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consent and trust? Oh... but we are ABOVE the law

* Ð?лекÑ?андÑ?:

> https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2014/12/the_limits_of_p.html
> - "The next time you call for assistance because the Internet service in
>> your home is not working, the 'technician' who comes to your door may
>> actually be an undercover government agent. He will have secretly
>> disconnected the service, knowing that you will naturally call for help and
>> -- ­when he shows up at your door, impersonating a technician­ -- let him
>> in. He will walk through each room of your house, claiming to diagnose the
>> problem. Actually, he will be videotaping everything (and everyone) inside.
>> He will have no reason to suspect you have broken the law, much less
>> probable cause to obtain a search warrant. But that makes no difference,
>> because by letting him in, you will have 'consented' to an intrusive search
>> of your home"

Isn't the only legally controversial aspect that they couldn't get a
warrant *before* they started their covert operation?  If they had a
warrant, everything would be fine from a legal point of view, right?