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[cryptome] Pretty Damning Stuff. Out of the Mouths of the CIA

Doug says:

*Is that perhaps why the USA government hasn't signed up to any
international human rights act...one wonders.  Because there is a chance
â?? â??
some of their leaders
â?? â??
would be prosecuted for crimes against humanity?

*So many Americans are complaining about why they are hated so much in the
world. Perhaps it could be something to do with the way they treat other
nations, races and religions and cultures?
â?? â??
look in their own back yard to see if there is anything dirty there, and
clean it out?

*Blacks, people of colour get killed willy-nilly, even kids. The Grand Jury
sees no case to answer. Racism abounds, sexism rages, yet, those very same
leading Americans want to teach the rest of the worlds citizens lessons on
human rights and equality.

* It is indeed the highest form of hypocrisy, and a great insult to the
intelligence of most people who inhabit this planet"*


It is very encouraging to hear such words from an English-speaking person.
Because as soon as these
â?? â??
words (the truth) said by some Russian / Chinese / Arab person, it is
instantly gets up in a column of "propaganda" or "enemy of the state".

*BRAVO for the courage to speak the truth.*
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