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tor : just keep lying


" What makes Tor different from the usual thesaurus-full of government
projects is that Tor is essentially a very elaborate math trick, using
layers of math puzzles to create a network-within-the-network. That
math is being implemented in front of a global audience of millions of
sophisticated watchers. It is likely the most examined codebase in the
world. It has been subjected to multiple public audits. The math, well
known and widely standardized, will work for everyone, or it will not,
whoever pays the bills." 

What a piece of dishonest garbage. Now it turns out that all
software is 'math' so it either 'works'  or not? All the usual
problems with government funded activities magically go away because
"it's math". Wow. The stupid is overwhelming. 

"millions of sophisticated watchers" 

LOL - I wonder how many people actually reviewed tor's source? 10? 50?
Or maybe 0?

The funny thing with these zealots is that they are way more brazen and
full of shit than even the tor developers.