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Snowden ran a major 2 Gbps exit node named “TheSignal”

This may be old news to some but I found it quite remarkable to discover  
today that prior to fleeing what I like to call "The United State", Ed  
Snowden apparently ran a major Tor exit node named "TheSignal".  

Furthermore, he helped to organize and throw a freakin' Crypto Party on  
Oahu (contacting and co-ordinating via email with Runa Sandvik using his  
legal name!!) about six months prior to bailing for Hong Kong.

According to the same Pandodaily article he "was trying to get some of his  
buddies at â??workâ?? to set up additional Tor nodesâ?¦".

Not exactly a shining example of good OpSec for someone who is also  
secretly gathering a trove of classified documents to leak.