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surveillance, its proponents and its opponents

> On Dec 3, 2014, at 8:21 AM, [email protected] wrote:
> Sociologically speaking, is it not interesting that Pres. Obama's
> freshest proposal for race relations is to deploy yet more surveillance
> cameras?  Body cameras for all police, an announcement made while
> arch-racist Sharpton was in the White House, is, of course, wholly
> consistent with Obama's basic intuitions whether we are talking
> drones in Asia or the data sharing requirements under Obamacare.

I think the idea of accountability is a grand one, really. Unfortunately, no doubt the camera will be the â??end all be allâ?? of evidential proof, and as we know, footage will be able to be modified, at a cost, when the need arises. The low end of this is perhaps blaming the â??lackâ?? of recording of an event as a technological failure, no doubt to be seen in the wild, if only for scapegoating and quieting the nay-sayers of footage validity â?? Ie. If it were not real, why would we go through the work to edit it, when instead itâ??d be far easier to blame on a technological issue/battery/blahblahblah.

Itâ??s in fact not true accountability at all; itâ??s accountability in veil â?? A supporter of whatever agenda â??theyâ?? wish to pursue.

Speaking of â??Obamacareâ??, I have zero intentions of playing along. I wish most felt the same way. If no one â??subscribedâ??, succumbed to the threats (oh oh, sorry, â??taxâ??) of not having insurance, the system wouldnâ??t work, wouldnâ??t exist. People would find a way to make enough money â??under the tableâ?? to cover the â??taxâ?? for not having such required insurance. â??Taxableâ?? incomes would drop, decently, or significantly, not only for the â??richâ?? (they do this to avoid taxes, obviously) but for the average working layman as well.

What a glorious day for society when we slowly start to starve the state.