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request for slides and transcript: "44Con 2014: GreedyBTS - Hacking Adventures in GSM"


... GreedyBTS can be used to assist security researchers and analysts
performing assessments of mobile connectivity in environments, as well
as highlighting risks to organisations who may transfer potentially
sensitive information over wireless devices. An increasing number of
embedded systems have turned to GSM as a management channel, such as
alarm panels, street lighting, safety systems and more, which could
all be susceptible to man-in-the-middle and rogue BTS attacks.

The current state of baseband security means that it is difficult to
detect and determine if you or your devices are being targeted by
malicious BTS environments. The tools that do exist are aimed at power
users which makes wider adoption by business or consumers an
increasingly difficult task. By sharing information that can assist
security researchers we hope to increase the overall security of
mobile devices and cause people to re-think how they handle sensitive
information over GSM environments...