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[cryptography] The Compromised Internet (2)

> So beyond mathematically-enthroned encryption what lies awaiting
> disclosure.

 forgot to mention as referenced, the role of music as a form of
 cultural communication with potentially secret dimensions

 this whether classical, with entire societies networked around
 a given aesthetic hub or node, else within traditions themselves
 of various society's and the institutions these can become or the
 universalization of rock & roll music and the 'rock concert' as a
 seeming height of 20th century western popular culture, tied into
 mass media and media archives and vast shared communication,
 to include role of drug culture and consciousness and politics,
 including counterculture agenda, and role of trends and fashion
 that align with this as a form of monocultural megadevelopment

 who knows, perhaps those strobe and laser light displays are
 outputting more data, or a guitar solo is a data transmission
 on some other level, as carrier wave for hidden signaling. it
 seems for deadheads, for instance, acid may open up their
 experience of the music that otherwise may be intolerable
 and likewise maybe there are lissajous figures spinning in
 skulls as the result of entrainment of populations via these
 mind and brain-washing techniques of neurology brought
 into the context of mass music and its technical devices,
 so to program populations without their even knowing it.
 in this way 'communications science and engineering'
 may have more to do with signaling in music or as a
 means for programming behavior, than the music itself,
 if taken in a covert context. add sex, drugs, popularity
 and money and group-behavior and you got a platform
 to exploit and run against others in their own channels,

 (though it could tend towards baseness, bottom feeding
 and constitute a dumb-system by comparison to others)

 speculation of course. just like that wireless speaker is
 in no way connected to a retail dual-use spying agenda
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