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The Compromised Internet

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 01:29:45PM -0700, Rich Jones wrote:
> Free and Open 4G radios/base stations are actually quite exciting for this
> reason. The thing which actually prevents mesh networks from working is
> mathematical: past a certain network size, path finding becomes too

It's not mathematics, it's braindead algorithms. Geographic routing
needs no admin chatter. You only need to handle the edge cases.

Notice that 40 GBit/s fiber WAN is low end, while your LoS WLAN will
have trouble transporting even 10 MBit/s in adverse weather. 

> computationally expensive, so wifi based mesh networks can only cover a
> certain radius before they stop working. With the 4G spectrum, however, the
> distances between hops vastly increases, meaning that city-wide mesh
> networks can grow and remain performant. This allows for free communication
> and file transfer without centralized authorities. Obviously there are
> still threats, but there is a lot of freedom gained from network autonomy.