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[cryptography] regarding the NSA crypto "breakthrough"

On 9/5/13, coderman <[email protected]> wrote:
> of all the no such agency disclosures, this one fuels the most wild
> speculation.
> """
> James Bamford, a veteran chronicler of the NSA, describes the agency
> """

Links to links to source quotes...

> however, the crypto breakthrough discussed is more mundane:

Source? Sure, non-PFS can be exploited. But extending that
as underlying explanation of the Bamford quote is dangerous.
It's Bamford's quote, ask him.

>  deployment of deep packet inspection with SSL/TLS capabilities.[0]

I'd call it 'applied decrypting' not some breakthrough in 'cryptanalyze'ing
or 'break'ing any crypto. Words are important.

> 0. "SSL: Intercepted today, decrypted tomorrow" , should read "SSL:
> Intercepted and decrypted in real-time, almost everywhere"
> http://news.netcraft.com/archives/2013/06/25/ssl-intercepted-today-decrypted-tomorrow.html
>  less than a third of a percent of SSL/TLS web traffic uses forward
> secrecy!