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OHAI. Also: the shortest Internet censorship debate... EVAH

OHAI Cypherpunks,

I am new here, I am not however new to the topics discussed here. I was 
involved in many a thing related to privacy, anonymity, freedom of speech (and 
*after* speech), copyright reform, yadda, yadda, etc.

Aaanyway, I bring bad tidings from Poland: yesterday morning the Minister of 
Justice praised David Censormoron's plan to filter porn in the UK and 
suggested that maybe it should be implemented in Poland as well.

I also bring good tidings from Poland: yesterday evening Polish Prime Minister 
and the Minister of Administration and Digitization (you should get one of 
those in your country, they're great) strongly denounced any such ideas.

Hence, I have been involved in the shortest Internet porn censorship... ever:

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