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> TOFU... It's used for SSH iirc, though I could be wrong.

No, you're right. That that single, assumed to be legitimate,
and first introduced key, is trusted and used for all subsequent
encounters. Any later unvalidated change in key would indicate
suspect brokenness. Authentication of said former key, via any
particular mechanism, is a secondary bonus.

For instance, you may first check mail to a given fingerprint
gets you to the mail/context you expect. Then a web search
of that fingerprint may yield independent bloggers affirming their
similar expierience, then some reasonable trust of that
key is established.

Though it is encouraged that such lone keys be signed
by some web of trust that you can then reach. This new
environment of weak CA's will, in hope, yield a stronger
more articulated sense of what we all are signing for
each other.