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Gnu PG is more Safe ?

Snarling disagreement, condescension and supplication,
nectar and myrrh. Read books, quaintness from hell
if not on SM in snippets.

Inspired, the need to monetize crypto attacks rather than
by "free cigarette sample" open source. That follows the
well-paid bounty model of major software producers recently
reported. Attackers build rep by hacks then convert to a business
model, why this very list has successful graduates of this
curriculum: if not extortion and exploits then by contracts,
aka peacekeeping needing daily deposit of gash.

It also follows the national intelligence model of grabbing
open source material then classifying it as gov property
sold back to the citizenry through the free market for
extortionate security. Get some and copyright it.

Cryptoanarchy is precisely this digital stash counterfeiting,
RTF Bible by Rt Rev TCM. Tap his steel gate and die by
his wildcats.

Oh, and newbies are open source thieves working for
OS spies, see the bible's classified Annex available
by continuous automatic updates, not free to SOB
TLAs running all possible crypto learning and hustling
initiatives. This is WK fact, see frequent references
in the archives, in the archives, oh, the archives will
make you sagely numb.

Need a numb sage lawyer to advise on your Crypto-AG
racket? Stewart Baker is top of the sages ex-NSA,
connected to all the others out to eat your baloney wich
or hire you cheaply under life-wrecking NDA if a new
immigrant still working in a cellar in PK.

"Fuck cpunks to death." Is this still redacted here?