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Does it look encrypted?

ilsa bartlett <[email protected]> wrote:
>Thank You all...
>is this encrypted?  grin, ilsa
>On 7/22/13 4:42 AM, John Young wrote:
>> Opposition, disgust, revulsion, ridicule toward al-qaeda
>> is perfectly cypherpunkian. Never, ever unanimous nor
>> what's acceptable without merciless, obnoxious, off-topic
>> digression argument. "Fuck that to death." - A Sage
>> "Cypherpunks" -- the name, the adventure, the rise and
>> fall, and multiple rebirths and splits and plagiarisms --
>> has been subjected to as much irrational ridicule and
>> exploitation as hyper-plagiarized "al-qaeda."
>> "Cryptography" list is a bastard of a bastard of a bastard
>> of cypherpunks, each iteration trying to act snooty
>> about villanous cryptography and failing repeatedly to
>> hide its cypherpunkian malice.
>> There are thousands of vile and sappy posts in the
>> cpunk archives as with the "fucked to death and still
>> going" internet. Crud begets crud. Delete the crud and
>> there's nothing left of the shit-hole except the gargantuan
>> cesspools on Wayback and Wikipedia and Tor "hidden
>> services" and blacknet and undernet and intel.net and
>> virulent cheating, lying and fucking users and each
>> other.
>> Extra good shit:, big data crud is growing exponentially,
>> a golden bowl of explosive fertilizer likely leading to
>> global cyberwar over who runs the cess.
>> Never ask for permission, never give it.
>> Cross-sub everybody and spy them secretly.
>Clean the nasty crud out of the  tub for a nice safe enjoyable bath

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