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MOAR perl for make benefit SnR! + don't feed trolls

At 02:08 PM 7/21/2013, Samuel Carlisle wrote:
>I really hope there is a lot of exchange and that you can gently guide
>and support fledgling initiatives like Cryptoparty (of which I am a
>part) and that we can collaborate to extend the great work that was
>started by hackers in this community.

I haven't gotten connected with the Cryptoparty movement, but it's 
been really encouraging to have them around.  Apparently there have 
been a bunch of them in Germany recently in response to revelations 
that the Bundeswhatever have been hanging out with the NSA wiretapper gangs.

>re: disruptive cruft... the kids nowadays know, instinctively, 
>"never feed trolls".

There has been some tradition around here of baiting trolls for fun, 
but this troll really isn't worth the bother.  We certainly haven't 
had anyone of Detweiler's caliber around in ages.  (If the NSA can 
collect metadata on anybody connected to anybody they already collect 
metadata on, and we'll all Tentacles of Medusa, that means that 
either we're all targets or they've decided that the signal-to-noise 
ratio was too inconsistent.)