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[liberationtech] today's Spiegel edition

Der Spiegel again, like Guardian, O'Globo, WaPo, publishes only snippets
of NSA documents, then bloated commentary. This titilating censorship is
complicit cowardice. The journalists who sign these articles should be ashamed
of providing a cover-up with commercial manipulation of Snowden's alleged
documents information which assures governments no media outlet will
"go too far." That is, share Snowden's serious risks, instead hang him
out alone with allegations of his frightening collection, cheerleading the
applauding crowd.

The full formulaic cravenly disappointing article in German:


At 07:07 AM 7/21/2013, Eugen Leitl wrote:
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>A new Spiegel edition is out and it is awesome. It contains leaked
>documents that show that the BND, BfV, NSA and CIA worked together to do
>domestic spying in Germany. It also covers more information about XKEYSCORE.
>The PDF of the article has been leaked too:
>   https://twitter.com/derPUPE/status/358891530267815936
>For those that don't read German, I suggest reading anyway - the leaked
>NSA document is in English and very telling.
>Quote of the day:
>(S//REL TO USA, FVEY) The German government modified its interpretation
>of the G-10 Privacy Law, protecting the communications of German
>citizens, to afford the BND more flexibility in sharing protected
>information with foreign partners.
>Once again, privacy by policy fails.
>It is long past time for privacy by design through strong cryptography
>and unmistakably clear legislation. With such changes, a
>"re-interpretation" would cause those crypto systems to fail and this
>would be part of the way we would alert people that they are under attack.
>All the best,
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