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Vegetation Comsec

<[email protected]> wrote:

> This raises the prospect of using plant capabilities in
> emissions of chemicals and finding nutrients in signaling,
> SIGINT, comsec, infosec and crypto.
> Has anyone seen reports on this? Or on chemical transceiving
> for comsec? Public key as a plant with unique biological
> identity which absorbs or emits decrypt signal? The use of insect
> and chemical proxies?

i think this is actually the model for human beings as conceived
in long ago times, though may be mistaken. in the Middle Ages
or thereafter, the nervous system itself was medically illustrated
as a plant, held within the watery container of the liquid body, in
this way, in the abstract, not unlike a jellyfish with mobile ocean

// sidenote: could not find visual examples except these: [0]...

again, if memory serves, perhaps it was Plato who described
also the nature of thought in terms of the brain, its enlightenment,
whereby the roots of the nervous system flower into an open mind
which receives light and nourishment from truth, tracking it this way
as flowers situate themselves according to environment, nutrients

so the idea of 'plants' and ~enlightenment, 'knowing' as this relates
to truth and essentially grounding informational and physical realms,
perhaps some kind of natural alignment taking place, harmonization
that is organic, an aspect of ecological foundation and its circuitry,
potentially then scaled to the cosmos, especially with regard to the
theories of origins via panspermia [1], ye olde mushroom astronauts,
delivering life onto earth via asteroid or comets, seeding the oceans;
in this way, sentience of octopus, dolphins, their social intelligence
and awareness, consciousness, alike with jellyfish, as if homologue
with pre-embedded state of nervous system for humans, in vitro (?)
prior to final packaging of mammalian biped and adjustable thumbs

the idea that all life moves towards higher consciousness and that
intelligence and this yearning motivation for greater truth is life, its
force, the trajectory of the grand design from nano- to macro-scale,
issues of culture, freedom, war, occurring at all scales, to survive,
conquer, for what means and ends, what principles, or darkness if
bounded by the false, those who serve it, obey it as if the master.

here cybernetic feedback likewise at all interconnected levels else
its incapacitation, making the living captive to those ceasing to live,
to grow, to evolve beyond existing constraints, limited beliefs, ideas.
the fix of ideology the danger, wrong assumptions and modeling or
subversion of view and awareness to contain, trap, mislead, control

so the idea of information related to intelligence connected with this
condition of LIFE, perhaps related also to plants and awareness, of
a natural condition of sentience even, perhaps, as biome, as with
the Gaia hypothesis of earth as supraorganism, living entity unto
itself as a larger totality or 'living ecosystem', [2] Earth as being.

i think also the book A Guide for the Perplexed delved into this
area in terms of a progression of life, from mineral to vegetable to
animal to human. [3] if not mistaken, from evaluating the wikipedia
page, the issue of nesting exists in that each higher form of life has
within it those underneath it; thus the human is inextricably related
to the mineral, vegetative, animalistic, of which they are composed,
as this also effects consciousness, awareness, and intelligence [4]

a personal experience about this issue of 'living ecosystems' that
themselves may have a larger awareness or consciousness than
just the part -- say, a forest as a supraorganism that is sentient...

(developed a close connection and friendship with a wild deer and
learned how to communicate with her. then observed behavior in
various settings, role of muteness, listening, scent, wind, shiny
objects, distance, motion, fear, nutrition, locomotion, etc. and
when relocating the deer into a more wilderness environment,
it became apparent how she was one-with-the-environment in
a way that an urban park did not allow, as if in wrong circuitry;

deer can basically disappear within a few feet in a forest, and
be totally silent at the same time as observing you searching
for them or just moving past, through their domain. then in the
effort to communicate, connection with camouflage and trees
and leaves helped realize how antlers are very much like sticks,
and how 'eyes' on trees, openings in the bark, are like those of
deer and other animals watching or monitoring the area, each
connected to the others, as part of a larger connected system.
as if all eyes of the forest even. part of a larger awareness and
knowing this, having this as consciousness, shared circuitry.

in other words the deer is the forest, the forest is the deer,
the tree is the deer, the deer is the tree, a hidden symbiotic
relation or structural connectivity that goes beyond one entity
or one life, and spans across them as a larger, longer relation
as if functioning together, moving in a shared direction, thus
life dependent on other life, in terms of its dynamic circuitry,
then stresses, pressures, motivations occurring against this)

should have also mentioned issues of governance related to
consciousness and intelligence, knowledge and awareness
as they rely on shared structures and foundations (circuitry)
that allow self-sustaining or connected systems to develop
within certain parameters, and thus origin stories of rocks
and minerals connected with cosmological big bang and
development of universe, galaxies, solar system, planets;
this then physics and chemistry, molecules moving into a
realm of organisms, life, and of vegetation and plants, thus
biology, botany, chemistry, horticulture, (if not aspects of
archaeology, paleontology in terms of research & studies),
then into fauna, animals, realm of biology and zoology if
not anthropology, to move into sociology, anthropology,
economics, politics, culture, 'arts', architecture, crypto.

(note here- question of crypto at mineral and vegetable,
not just present-day context of p2p computer exchange)

also note the role of behaviorist science to treat humans
only as animals, lowering their intellectual status via a
limited model of existence to Darwinian framework that
squares humans with apes, not divine entities or origin,
as this relates to loss of empirical truth, logic, reasoning
within society then enforced by universities, psychiatry
in particular, where 'medicine' helps this devolutionary
process occur, in the black arts of political diagnoses
that reverse the alchemical process: lead to gold via
toxic pills that destroy circuitry and the ability to think,
all to uphold a worldview of humans as merely animals,
managed as livestock, routed to holocaust cattle chutes

here, the ideology buttressed by anthropological skulldiggery
and archaeological equivalence, the sociological likewise as
if all are the same, no matter if ascending or descending in
relation to having once previously ascended or descended,
such that apes becoming more human-like, humans more
apelike, humans more humans, apes more and more ape;
and hell, why not reference Planet of the Apes once again
as a context for Lincoln related civil war of said ideology

so behaviorism backed up by 'political sciences' as cult,
as this translates into a dumbing-down and enforcement
of status quo dynamics, moving from human to the animal,
vegetable, & mineral, the more robotic, base the interactions

and so consciousness, awareness, intelligence, communication
becoming less and less overt time, bounded by psychiatric limits
of what that is perceptible is acceptable in given frameworks, the
'brain police' monitoring everyone as potentially out of control apes,
this slavery, contained within a ideology that has become the state,
requires certain beliefs and conformance to illusory representations
and obey is the only option- or else, there goes your mind & body

biome again, people living in toxic realm, despoiled environment
then forcibly adapted to it if not by peer pressure as selection,
the most unfit and mediocre the champions and successors in
wasteland, just follow brain-dead rules of the machine to survive;

(if that does not work, take these pills and start behaving or else;
children as young as 2 y.o. being dosed by psychiatrists to rewire
troubled beings in such a hellhole, killing off any chance of survival
before turning completely bonkers when cerebrum lights all at once,
essentially programming population of mind-controlled psychopaths;
forgot implant antenna, deranged psych pills enough to circuit design)

so peoples in mental institutions often referred to as vegetables,
as with those brain dead in hospitals, else comatose, operating or
existing in a realm beyond. catatonia, etc. as this tends also to a
realm of mootness, or otherness, perhaps related to the autistic,
of a bounded or limited realm where communication is not occurring
yet should be or once did, those somehow is miswired or rewired
and thus the circuits are not connected or integrated to enable
the internal/external relation, as if person trapped inside the self
and how this relates to communication and balancing, processing
of stimuli, how to make sense of what is going on, especially if
living in a frenetic world that does not make sense to begin with

the correlation to this general condition (it as nausea, malaise)
is a Spore-like entity that can function as essentially brainless,
mindless, and make-do and make-their-way in the labyrinth as
if dungeon master granted special powers and abilities. this is
The Beast known as feelings-only, who matches phase change
and state to what is liked and not liked, what makes happy or
sad or mad, mediating existence on these immediate terms
without capacity, depth, or willingness to consider beyond this
quasi-emotional framework, detached from larger grounding in
surrounding truth, such that judgement can be immediate as
to sensory perception, yet also disconnected from the larger
reality, and instead function as delusion state of being and
mistaken awareness. these people become MANAGERS
(a joke here), many times. and compliance to rules, other
beliefs in a too-simple and stupidistic mindset/framework
then orchestrates and elevates the dumb to supremacy as
'true believers' in the warped model, because of its benefits
to them and their kind, without further question or insight;
just following, enforcing, repeating, extending mediocrity

when these types become teachers, in autocratic status-
based hierarchy, 'truth' is legislated by likable beliefs and
those unliked, disfavored, easily censored based on moral
belief in superiority of this lesser and base existence and
way of being and 'thinking' as if a more limited animal, in
that the human becomes a trained ape by such relation,
as it becomes education, career, 'voting', and otherwise

so, choosing to be vegetable, choosing that path, and
communicating or scenting and signaling in that realm,
procreation, spawning more of such kind automatically,
housing, feeding, schooling, refining a given production
to enable such a mindless population to manage us,
the lower then determining actions of those higher in
a realm of functioning, awareness, ideas, capacities;
and because politically correct, illegal to say anything
against this for fear of upsetting those benefiting from it

another aspect is drug culture in the supposedly non-legal
domain though also hypocritically mainstream, thus law
does not apply if favored, yet is used to imprison others
unprotected. professional drug users staying out of prison,
others with any infraction that threaten the state: goodbye

then moralizing about anything from this perspective as if
universal quite problematic, if only for the massive bullshit
factor it involves on a corrupt societal scale, prophets of
counterculture too many to list, though enough shithead
musicians represent into the present day, so it becomes
unnecessary- just turn on media and see the idiots posing
as if enlightened, encultured to wasteland as peak, ideal
instead of base, bottom-feeding, making profit from shit

within this context of counterculture, drug zeitgeist the
counter pendulum to rise of psychiatric and its duplicity,
the structural connection and association with 'new age'
of consciousness, awareness, philosophical beliefs and
questioning of principles, religious, spiritual, every other

so quaaludes and acid trippers reach top of mountain as
Moses' and then fall all the way back down again, repeat
this thousands and millions of times, the more piling on,
and this too a search for enlightenment for many, if not
of destroying the self in order to find the self once again,
the displacement then involving recentering, and a way
into questioning and other way and types of knowing

the problem is that it is removed of its depth, grounding
as ritual and of potential spiritual practice and instead
can function in a realm of the base and profane, and
thus tends towards devolutionary processes rather
than the opposite, indicating growth beyond existing
boundaries, not just in a single realm, though overall,
in the total circuit. for example, you could be in bliss
temporarily yet residing in a shithole for the rest of life
and it may not balance out or move beyond this or
even be able to be sustained, the destructive cycle
where drugs can short-circuit via near-term fixes
for longer-term problems, larger situations beyond
the self, yet drugs can entrap people in their own
smaller worldviews, create boundaries not open up
connections, and rely on synchronizing with sickness
and toxic conditions and become further a part of
its structure, the downward force and momentum,
yet not accounted for this way, taken out of context

that is the bullshit about too-easy enlightenment,
that it is in the pill and not in the self to begin with,
and about access and unlocking and not substituting
a life for a parallel condition existing outside or beyond
it, no longer responsible or responsive to surroundings,
then becoming this ecosystem, eyes and ears of the
drug even, which is the larger point of the vegetative

people becoming cocaine, becoming heroine, they
as if plants, the awareness of 'like=like' then mapping
into consciousness with others and hidden subculture,
knowing who is within a similar domain or functioning
based on subtle clues and intelligence and signaling

who has gone far into the void, who knows what you
know or has seen what you have seen. what kinds of
knowledge, misery, motivations, betrayals, violence,
deceptions. what kind of treachery hangs in the air
as a potential, what parameters or dimensions exist
in superposition that given nearby circuitry could alight

this can be a realm of seers and sages and prophecy,
of intelligence if grounded, connected to ideas, yet it
can as easily lead into babble and vacancy of truth
beyond the illusion, lead astray into further falsity,
and thus how a person is grounded then influences
how drugs effect and their mediation, what results

this could be a healthy controlled practice that is
medicinal and rite-of-passage, or it could lead towards
loss of greater truth or purposes, and people instead
devolving to the drug, becoming trapped, encrypted
in its domain, surrogate yet also societal parasite
doing bidding of forces subhuman, antihuman even
as organisms seek to control and define territory as
ecosystem, the orchid keeping insects alive for its
own good, drugs governing others nervous systems

the plague of their effectiveness is not only in body,
it is also in the brain and mind, where drugs can limit
sensory considerations into a narrow range and thus
'intelligence' can become confined to a smaller world
and view as ecosystem that relies on false constraints
required for the ecosystem to function as it already does
thus institutionalizing what can be inequalities or biases
or injustices to sustain what is a false-consciousness
at the universal level it may be perceived or believed,
in some sense artificial or unnatural, unreal, a fiction
yet inside this circuitry, it may be 'the most real reality'

consider the human entity as circuit, the nervous system
having a spinal column mapping nerves, sensory feedback
of body into brainstem and 'mind', the capital of the column

consider this is a platform for development, and how any
nutrients or vegetation or carnivore activity then influences
this system in its functioning, the parameters it exists and
sustains itself within, in terms of its governance as scaled
to a larger shared relation with others, in structural terms
(ie the state). thus, any atoms and molecules that go into
this feedback-based system have certain functioning that
result in how it all relates, the dynamics of interaction and
exchange, where truth resides and how it is processed,
not totally unlike a pinball game in its tallying of points

so, if eating some minerals, say having water from a
spring, there could be iron in the water that effects how
a person functions, like vitamins, which then programs
certain cells or influences function, say in regard to blood
somehow or various organs that process these nutrients
or manage those parameters as part of total metabolism

water and humans create a circuit. water is a circuit and
humans are a circuit and together they combine. and it
goes into ecosystems, clouds, environment, ground,
such that if the land is toxic the water is likely effected
and thereby the person, even if in trace amounts, as part
of how the larger ecosystem is balanced, finds alignment
and adjusts or adapts or deteriorates in given dynamics,
perhaps a person becomes ill from lead in the water, etc

likewise, leafy greens in a salad as circuitry, food, and
meat, say from a cow, as this relates to how ingredients
used for daily diets effect and are effected by a larger
circuit, of self though also of groups of people, the state
they together compose, and the environment itself as a
part of this relationship, dynamic, in existing dimensions;
how these are or are not accounted for, then, precluding
what is tallied or 'acknowledged' and in what ways, else
denied, say chemicals on plants that promote cancer
via homeopathic approach, poisoning via 1,000 disease
vectors to eventually hit the genocide jackpot over time;
so too, raising cattle in debilitating conditions, injecting
with hormones to negatively effect humans down range,
eating spiked levels of animal stress and pain as circuit,
perhaps losing nutrition though gaining the amplification
of similar disease promotion via chemical absorption
into cells, their malfunctioning, all part of the plan

this as circuitry, toxic ecosystem functioning against
LIFE, devolving humans to livestock yet vegetable and
eventually robots via very same ideology of technique
removed of higher truth than what is politically allowed,
thus allowing social, behavorial, mental-engineering to
head towards this as if nirvana, 'enlightened following'
where greatest capacity is equated with end of cycle
of existence, by way of extinction of human 'species';
and it is legislated no less. how stupid do people have
to be to go along with it, especially unthinkingly, without
resistance or taking it on as a situation... why is there
an absence of intelligence in dealing with the basics
here, why the gap? perhaps everyone is stoned and
playing games on their fucking iphones, using PGP
to complain about how crooked things are, IDFK

and yet enlightened, opinionated, at same time helpless,
pathetic, yet self-righteous as if superior awareness or
knowing while incapacitated and unwilling to take the
leap into the maw of death enough to trust greater truth,
that the purpose is much larger than any person and that
an infrastructure exist, nature itself, to remedy this situation
beyond all the lies, and yet there is lack of faith or belief--
in truth. in logic. in reality beyond a limited warped view
reliant on relativism, the lies and betrayals of education
becoming commonplace as viewpoint, turned against self,
people cannot even trust their own minds, so thoroughly
mistaken and beholden to external validation of what is

so basically, the individual is fucked. the shared set of
people absolutely absent from engaging the situation in
the terms it exists, beyond the self and small groups
that still can rely upon and benefit from the bullshit factor
and various other limits, impeding larger ecosystem truth,
being that is beyond existing boundaries or misconceptions

then it is a time of count of be counted, who is awake
and who is aware and who serves truth and is willing to
make sacrifices and who are those doing it already and
how is this all connected in a larger structural framework,
as it relates individual awareness in varying dimensions with
others, molecular processing of interconnected consciousness
and where does mind meet its embodiment, deeds, not only
words, and at what scale or what limitation, what amount of
self-serving bullshit and privilege versus sacrifice, losing the
egostic framework that requires its own safety to persist,
disconnection from suffering as if above, instead corrupted
and serving self firstly and projecting this outward to others;
unaccounted for, how much betrayed by the psycho-logical,
a great many tells exist for parameters that remain para-
and thus insight can tend towards involution, yet warped
and ungrounded, as if superior knowing when actually less

thus is the nature of the egotist who believes because of
station to know everything, even though wrongly, while
mocking another who thinks they know something, as if
that is the arrogance and an impossible, due to superiority

on these themes then, there are people who journey into
a realm of drugs and document their research, such as
ethnobotanist Terrance McKenna, [5] and this tends also
towards Thompson-Leary cryptography, [6] in that it is not
only the signaling of plants themselves though their effects
within people and culture, which extends this signaling at
human scale and in human dynamics and ecosystems,
that could be sacred or profane, given implementation
though perhaps also more than this: toxic and poison
exists and being able to absorb it can deteriorate not
enhance in the ways believed as if all is transcendent,
or like climbing mountains, leads to heights not depths;
(if living in an inverted world, things may be backwards)

(note here: as with crystals and piezo-sensors as organic
or natural circuitry, the chemical compounds and circuitry
of drugs, both those defined legal and illegal [7][8], as it
relates to how that circuitry, visualized, may correlate with
certain dimensions and parameters of its effects, in that
the different visual structure maps to different systems in
the body and mind, different ecosystems or dynamics.

thus, like a custom programmed IC or microcontroller,
so too Aspirin or Ambien or Acid or patterns delivered.
in other words: where's the message, what is the key,
where is the information, what is encrypted, how is this
circuitry, how does it map, metabolize, transform and
change, positive and negative dynamics, feedback...

and not to forget, all of this as language, its calculus)

principles and intelligence related to horticulture, then,
Luther Burbank's work The Training of the Human Plant
[9] as this could relate to culture, cultivation, the cultic
imagination and manifestation, of ideas and of ideology

if raising the vegetable as higher consciousness and
becoming one with nature, it could also involve loss of
certain critical facilities or awareness in turn, and this
could be a danger for a way of being that no longer is
human, or no longer serves a higher truth than what is
accessed immediately and in proximity to the body
in terms of its likes and agreements and hospitalities,
and a movement away from truth or regression could
occur, and thinking could be turned against itself so
that the lower is again the higher, people in service
to something that is less intelligent, though in this
way, combining with the circuit, ecosystem, fusing
and then becoming vegetable, animal. in terms of
rites-of-passage, this may be inherent, as with an
embryological view of reptile, mammalian sections
of brain as it develops, old brain and new, and yet,
to then situate a self in a limiting framework and
obey its constraints could also be to decouple
from the natural world for an illusion replacing it,
a false consciousness believed as if higher truth

here be witchcraft and paganism and other forms,
cannibalism and other practices likewise that can
operate in such physics though also in exploitation
not recognize or serve other truths, this danger of
losing the human, turning to falsity as power. and
thus 'humans as plants' turns to 'plants as human'
and another framework of ethics, morality, judgement
and ways of being potentially aligned in other terms

thus people occupy these realms, some witchcraft
dark and serving against truth, while others good
and using knowledge of nature and its metaphysics
for life, healing, medicine, the paradoxical condition,
the Caduceus [10] and Rod of Asclepius [11], their
dual-role of sickness and health, the importance of
being able to recognize its value and not outlaw it,
the truth involved, yet to do so accurately, clearly,
accounting for actual conditions and not ideological,
which then infects minds, corrupts intelligence, etc

(a double-dealing War of Drugs that is a hypocritical
onesided takedown of political enemies forbids this
yet exploits the condition to retain silence, or else
the NSA will ruin your life and quicken extinction.
this is how evil gets a foothold in society, becoming
governance, people obeying and serving this falsity)

so, what say you to worshiping mandrake root? [12]

"i'm up for it, do you have coke to go along with it?"

perhaps tending to profane here... people becoming this
drug, its deliverance as plague even, as consciousness
that is skewed and distorted and worms its way further
into culture via principles aligned with toxic dynamics,
becoming ecosystem, way of being turns to nothingness.
the void, a mirror-image of knowing that is actually false,
ungrounded in its symmetrical belief, incorrectly aligned
with events yet not accounting for structural aberrations
and therefore ignorance a basis of such supreme belief,
as if above it all, operating in a realm of higher awareness
when instead a conceit that does not correlate with reality
and eventually, to be accounted for in cosmic ecosystem

what this is to suggest is that, people becoming plants
is a devolutionary process, a regression of intellectual
capacity that returns to feeling-based diagnostics that
can be localized out of other dimensional frameworks
that were once connected, coherent, and correlated

as lies and falsity are normalized, toxic poison of mind
that is shared amongst many can, like invasive species
overtake localities, growing and thriving in place of the
natural habitat, with devastating consequence for the
prospects of life on terms against the ecosystem, or
ecosystem engineered to be against sustaining of life,
these destructive principles of death and hate, turning
people into lower lifeforms, humans as subhumans, as
if only apes or less than this even, judged, sentenced
to death via this insane and evil ideology, this artifice,
unaligned, disconnected, hostile to nature, life, love

> An amusing account is that of a CIA polygrapher claiming
> to exchage signals with plants, discovered by hooking up
> a polygraph to them. He said he could just think of burning
> a nearby plant for the plant to initiate defenses. His claims were
> later discounted but remind of the long-running mind control
> research by US and Russia. And the unkillable kudzu of
> lie detectors.

then it should be mentioned- turning this into religion...

use of what seems to be a multimeter to diagnose the
human in its electromagnetic circuitry, as lying plant,
though to question Scientology methodology, if this
fever graph is mapping of galvonic skin response or
perhaps 'information' in its vibrational context, as the
circuits would be different, and perhaps another layer
or boundary of interpretation exists between these, in
that non-acoustic acoustic phenomena could be judged
as acoustic, or non-acoustic as electromagnetic yet the
circuits evaluated could be too simple for what is involved
and thus the problem of thinking, of logic and reasoning
in relativistic frameworks that could tend towards rule
of behaviorism _over mind, over higher awareness and
in this way- the rule of language over people, so that
ideas must conform to a given rationalization, ideology
that can be wrong-headed or wrong-minded or of wrong
or inaccurate beliefs yet unchecked as ecosystem and
in this way, mislead or rely on certain 'limited knowing'
versus actual understanding or comprehension beyond
a given faulty framework, where short-circuiting could
be the key to health and not just sickness, correcting
every anomaly leading to forced silencing, versus the
role of sensors, the diagnostic evaluation, clues that
map out circuitry yet not necessarily in their entirety,
the mystery much larger than any parts combined,
when disconnected from ecosystem as if controlled;
the false consciousness default if methodologically
forcing such truth, grounding to the false all too easy,
perhaps the main sickness of institutions over time,
corruption from reliance on ideas divorced from truth
beyond narrowed limits, losing self-awareness while
representing it as if pillar or structure, foundation for
others, symbolic, yet still potentially ungrounded,
the problem of being blinded from believing to know
and yet in this belief, forbidding such awareness

in other words, once again, attaining grounding in
an unnatural or toxic habitat, as this potentially can
relate to lies or falsity, and then 'enlightenment' by
the normalization of this ecosystem relation that
can function in negative, hostile, immoral relations
and dynamics for food, survival, shelter, knowledge,
then going on to represent and replace culture that
was to serve life and now is about serving death and
a certain range of parameters, dimensions, dynamics
that are 'healthy' and 'good' for this diseased condition
and its state of being that is centered on nothingness,
no higher goals than the base and material exploitation

crypto in this context, signaling, as patterns and signs,
symbols and their processing, relations based on these,
correlation between circuitries, issues of competing biomes
and ecosystems, different if hidden ecosystems, ecologies,
different mechanisms and dynamics, as this maps onto
forms, artifacts, events, to be read/written as language,
the correlation of dimensions, shared or unshared, like
or unlike, those who are vegetable-like feeling-based if
not connected with the false world and the oppression,
versus those thinking beyond, into/from other principles-
all of it as circuitry, consciousness, signaling, codes,
crypto, messaging and communications, protocols,
layers, habitat, food, poison/medicine, culture, flow

what is the greater consciousness of the false order?

perhaps the shared lie as it maps to realms of artifice

what is the greater consciousness of truth?

perhaps shared being in the world, truth, live, love

in this way, two entities and existences, information
and its circuits grounding either to truth or to falsity

(the paradox: never beyond a realm of good and evil)

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