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PVDF as antenna - (03)

from this vantage of not-knowing, and having experimented
some with breadboards and the Parallax Basic Stamp
microcontroller platform, it would again seem possible
that if the PVDF were conceptualized as an antenna that
when it is geometrically aligned does not just access a
realm of signals, and instead, this signal is itself energy
that correlates directly with a capturing of voltage within
the piezo film as capacitor, such that an 'energy antenna'
exists and perhaps this is the basis of energy harvesting,
though seemingly is bounded by how it is implemented.
in that its application appears to be requiring mechanical
energy, affixed to a surface which bends the material as
the basis for vibration, than tuning into a frequency that
is detached from the sensor and yet resonates it via the
correspondence and alignment of shared tuning (A=A),
and in this way motivates charge within a larger circuit.

so there are whitepapers that exist about self-sustaining
circuits based on PVDF and microcontrollers [0] and yet
nothing in this other realm about the 'global AC circuit' [1]
as this could also influence movement of the antenna in a
framework beyond that of sidewalks and HVAC vibrations.
in that atmospheric electricity and the earth-ionosphere
cavity [2] have fundamental relation to EM technologies

thus, stating the obvious in an expanded view beyond
that of a compartmentalized realm, this condition of being
within such an environment, yet not having it understood
or conceptualized based upon a false limit or no-go zone,
as if fringe to consider or perhaps not obvious to those
without instruction, the educational system enforcing a
fundamental disconnection, as if to keep everything that
is naturally connected apart, as if somehow beyond limits

thus basic electromagnetic awareness, to then read the
technical manual [3] where it states the following:

"Although the forces involved are small, the film can be used to
excite other mechanical structures over a very wide frequency range.
If a second element of film is used to receive the induced vibration,
the system can possess a very high dynamic range, even though the
overall "insertion loss" due to the film is about -66 dB typically for
a structure at resonance. If sufficient gain is applied between these
elements, the structure will self-oscillate at its natural frequency.
For these resonant mechanical systems, high voltage drive is not
required. The amplifier circuit may function adequately from a normal
dual rail op-amp supply, or even from a single 9 volt battery. For
analysis purposes, even lower applied voltages, e.g., the noise source
of a spectrum analyzer at 70 mVrms, are sufficient to insert the
mechanical energy into a structure when piezo film is also used to
monitor the result." (p.5)

now consider again the issue of tuning and shared resonance,
that the movement of one object at a certain vibration/frequency
could induce another object to also vibrate at that frequency if
the resonance was shared or tuned similarly.

thus, a PVDF film 'transmitting antenna' could seemingly generate
a vibration at a given frequency, and if matched to anther PVDF film
as receiving antenna, could induce it to vibrate and in effect, transfer
or transmit the power from one circuit into another, via this vibration.
i.e. resonance-based transfer of energy, or remote power generation

so you could place a microcontroller antenna tuned to a frequency
a few feet from another, on a separate circuit, and seemingly then
light up its LEDs via vibrational energy, no electromagnetism that
spans this gap, and instead resonance or vibration as the medium.
(note: non-acoustic seemingly because it is the material itself that
is vibrating and not "acoustic" air pressure pushing it to vibrate.)

note: in this way it is clean, non-pollutive, and nonradiating energy
and this is what Tesla had discovered apparently, and yet it was not
able to be developed further, given the all-encompassing situation.
and yet, listening to the stories of hh, she conveys that Tesla who
had developed alternating current infrastructure thought in retrospect
that it was unnatural and harmful as an energy approach, and that
this resonance-based energy was based upon natural cosmic order,
and was correctly aligned with life and nature, not functioning against
it via invisible toxic pollution of radiation and its massive inefficiencies.

so now there are two major themes: one is energy capture via the
Schumann Resonance, and another is non-electromagnetic transfer
of power via antennas tuned to a shared frequency, whereby current
from one circuit could induce it in another. this is different from the
magnetic induction whereby magnetic fields bridge the gap between
transmitter and receiving device, and any electric or electromagnetic
version likewise, whereby current is bridging this gap, ionizing the
air inbetween, breaking down the structure of the air to move energy,
versus nontoxic vibrating at some imperceptible infrastructural layer
that is already active within nature, which all entities are attuned to
as part of a living ecosystem and circuit, yet also out of harmony and
out of balance via technology and development in the present moment,
with populations unable to grasp the hostile situation we exist within,
environmentally, ecologically, educationally, intellectually, realistically
in the dimensions & parameters that exist, for optimal decision-making

what then if the approach or conceptualization is off, and equipment
and tools exist for experimentation like early days of electrification,
where hobbyists can turn inventors and transform the situation by
exploring beyond the edge already defined, via new interpretations
or accessing old, discarded ideas and knowledge, thinking it through
once again, and perhaps massive discoveries await via such experiment


0. Powering Microcontrollers with Scavenged Energy

Evaluating the Options for Different Technologies to Harvest Energy
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1. global electrical circuit (images)

2. Atmospheric electricity / Earth-Ionosphere cavity

3. Measurement Specialties PVDF technical manual (PDF)

{educational fair-use of copyright, 2013}

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