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Fwd: Jacob impervious to "Rubber Hose Cryptanalysis" performed by Stewart Baker

A good point, Jake. That status quo of commercial journalism.

What's better than advocacy journalism subservience?

How about an unfettered unredacted disclosure for unlimited
access free of censorious redaction and withholding?

And giving up the "dump" red herring, WikiLeaks is unfairly
accused of that, and has been considerably more various,
experimental and risk-taking than professional journalism.
It would do well to give up the privileged protection of
journalism which demeans its reputation.

Exceptions to the cowardice of journalism abound, but have
to be found so little are they known and credited beyond naming
awards, and they defy the presumed status quo of what is
permissable lawful and craven. Yes, many went to jail rather
than bray about the jailing of others, reaping the rewards of
consulting with authorities to maintain access.

Hoped you had nutted Stew Baker, a lying sack of shit.

At 01:07 PM 12/17/2013, you wrote:
>[email protected]:
> > all
> > journalism is now advocacy journalism;
>All journalism is and has always been "advocacy" journalism. Often
>people don't notice the so-called advocacy as it is usually for the
>unjust status quo in an unquestioning, fully compromising subservient
>manner, I'd add.
>All the best,