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Bruce Schneier to leave BT

Would be great for the other dual-hats to follow Schneier's example,
with fuller accounts of what has been going on behind NDAs and
clearances. A dripped released is hardly sufficient, maybe justifiably

Remains to be seen if all spy ties are severed or just go darker
and deeper, as usual, into the repurposed Black Chamber to
hide with celebrity and outrage what is blatantly devious -- in
the crypto legacy manner.

Isn't that what this unfettered open forum dumpster is urging
duplicitously from DoB of cryptoanarchy?

Whither cryptoanarchy's billionaire, if not TLAs, Soros, Sim,
Murdoch, Gates, Ellison, Bezos, Omidyar, Kochs, Saudis,
Russians, Windsors, China, Kuwait, Oman, Ford, Rockefeller,
so many, so sneaky.

As Assange said to early charges of CIA/Soros funding,
"we should be so lucky, all donations welcomed." Word.

At 11:29 AM 12/16/2013, you wrote:
>retaliation for helping expose intelligence community excesses and