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Alleged NSA co-worker describes Snowden

Forbes (Dec 16) - "An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden: 'A
Genius Among Geniuses'" by @a_greenberg:

> The anonymous NSA stafferâ??s priority in contacting me, in fact, was to refute stories that have surfaced as the NSA and the media attempt to explain how a contractor was able to obtain and leak the tens of thousands of highly classified documents that have become the biggest public disclosure of NSA secrets in history. According to the source, Snowden didnâ??t dupe coworkers into handing over their passwords, as one report has claimed. Nor did Snowden fabricate SSH keys to gain unauthorized access, he or she says.
> Instead, thereâ??s little mystery as to how Snowden gained his access: It was given to him. 

HT @WeldPond:


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