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infra-org (urls)

Contact mics for acquiring vibration and resonance emanations
are among the still classified TEMPEST offensive and defensive
activities, along with other multi-sensory and -physical acquisition
and transmission technologies.

The celebrated EM components of TEMPEST are commonly
used as subterfuges, ruses and ploys to divert attention from
the non-EM -- which an almost limitless number of animals and
other creatures use for SIGINT and COMINT, and a few like
Brian, unfettered by industry conceits, use for full-spectrum

TSCM pros have made much of the EM threat and little of the
other, or pretend to do so. The US Embassy Moscow cavity
resonance bug, and a few others, are highlighted for the
same diversion from the slew of others inadvertently

Thanks again to Brian for broadening the discussion from
narrow focus on crypto prowess and simple-minded EM
and TSCM, a narrowness which might be considered a
long running ploy not so different from the Snowden gush
generating reams of Chicken Little narrative beloved
by the comsec industry guided by its nose toward cash
and ignoring its tell-taling stench.