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> From: brian carroll <[email protected]>
> 'Spooky action' builds a wormhole between 'entangled' quantum particles
> http://phys.org/news/2013-12-spooky-action-wormhole-entangled-quantum.html
>>note: i must have it all wrong because would it not be possible to
>>modify the spin of an entangled pair and have it influence the remote
>>particle likewise. and thus, what need of wires or fiber to connect
>>events, if a hybrid remote and on-site quatum processing were to take
>>place. an ecological or ecosystem context of connectivity in & out of
>>various structures via different forms of entanglement. what if 1,000
>>circuit boards shared a split particle and were sent to remote areas,
>>yet one calculation effected the others and likewise, or perhaps 1,000
>>remotely-connected processing functions embedded in 100,000 onsite. in
>>other words what if the processor were not discrete nor connected by
>>means other than resonance or vibration (perhaps decibels indicates
>>this as an acoustic measurement for light even). of course i have no
>>idea what i am saying, though as list fool i must speak such nonsense.

> "Spooky action" entanglement has been measured to operate at a velocity of
> at least 10,000 'c', where 'c' is the speed of light in a vacuum.  (signals
> transmitted on optical fibers about 20 kilometers apart.)  Unfortunately,
> there does not appear to be any way to employ this to transmit information.
>        Jim Bell

so would this not break the physics model already, of faster than light info,
such that the cosmos may operate on principles beyond those employed.

the comments on the article seemingly indicative of this same scenario,
as if a realm of political science, gerrymandering of physics seemingly.

if a spin could be remotely connected to another, as mentioned in the
article comments, and activated at a distance, could this not function
as a basic switch, perhaps making a relay or gate or some kind or the
ability to send/receive coded messages via morse code (as mentioned).

say, a sequence of spins encoding the alphabet or whatever, perhaps
controlled by a normal computer process yet transmitted/received via
this quantum connectivity (seemingly out of this world then back into it
via vibration, rather than a line of sight acoustic signal, if understanding)

i thought that was the idea underneath the potential for other, hidden
technology embedded in existing systems, that remote relationship
via quantum properties that operate in other dimensionality/structures,
if not beyond lightspeed properties or conceptions, and that it may not
be recognizable in the existing approach or computational paradigm.
such that fiber may not be necessary, the approach to key exchange
or processing may occur in other parameters or functional structures.