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[Full-disclosure] Foreign Intelligence Resistant systems [was Re: reasonable return on investment; better investments in security [....]]

i must amend this prior advice.

in addition to legal protections, educational support, and competitive programs,

also provide:
- direct and unrestricted backbone access to various individuals or
groups who demonstrate competence in either the educational or
competitive realms, in order for them to mount additional attack
strategies against any reach-able target.  this access must consist of
both passive taps of backbone traffic as well as injection taps for
raw packet transmission at core rates. this should be available on the
Internet backbone at internet exchanges, private fiber through public
right of way, and core networks of operators of licensed wireless

a side benefit of implementing these reforms would be the de-facto
de-funding of offensive network operations by third parties or
governments. the cost to keep ahead of such a widespread, popular, and
distributed effort would be enormous, and provide continually
decreasing returns.

...  getting there is much more complicated of course.   *grin*


On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 1:29 PM, coderman <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 1:26 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:
>> ...
>> > 2012-02-15 - Vulnerability Discovered by VUPEN
>> > 2013-03-06 - Vulnerability Exploited At Pwn2Own 2013 and Reported to Adobe...
>> Is a delay of a year before reporting to the vendor, acceptable?
> three years or more is better of course!  i would not be disappointed
> with a dozen months, however.
>   alas external factors (especially when licenses are non-exclusive)
> complicate longevity of weaponized exploits...
> if you really want to improve security:
>  a) remove all criminal and civil liability for "hacking", computer
> trespass, and all related activities performed over data networks;
> establish proactive "shield" legislation to protect and encourage
> unrestricted security research of any subject on any network. extend
> to international agreements for blanket protection in all
> jurisdictions.
>  b) establish lock picking, computing, and hacking curriculum in pre
> school through grade school with subsidized access to technical
> resources including mobile, tablet, laptop test equipment, grid/cloud
> computing on-demand, software defined radios with full
> receive/transmit, and gigabit internet service or faster.
>  c) organize a program of blue and red teaming challenges for
> educational and public participation at the district, regional, and
> national level cultivating expertise and rewarding it with hacking
> toys, access, and monies.
> if implemented, i can guarantee a significant and measurable
> improvement in the security posture of the systems that remain  in
> such an environment.

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