RE: Dry mounting

From: Dan Burkholder ^lt;>
Date: 09/20/05-12:33:50 PM Z
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Can't guarantee it'll work with every type of mount tissue but soaking the print/board in a cake pan of acetone (with excess board trimmed and away from open flame) works like a charm. The acetone (photographically inert) dissolves the adhesive in the tissue and the print pops free in a few minutes. The acetone evaporates completely in short order and the print can then be rematted. Of course, if the signature is on the "old" mat, that's an issue hard to resolve. Don't try this with a plastic tray unless you like watching bubble gum during creation.

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BOB KISS wrote on 9/20/05, 7:45 AM:

It is VERY expensive, difficult, and, if not done by a serious pro, potentially dangerous for the print.

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