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I'd suggest you try a raw conversion program, which should give you much more control over how the raw file is interepreted than you'll get using the Photoshop plugin. You may have one with the Fuji if you check out the software discs, but I'd suggest you take a look at Raw Shooter Essentials. It's Windows only, and is a free download; they plan to market a more substantial version and are using the basic version as a hook.

I have Nikon's (optional extra 100 quid!!) raw software, and I rarely use it, as Raw Shooter Essentials (the free one) is actually a much better package; I output jpegs which I then finish in Photoshop CS. Provided the pay version of Raw Shooter isn't a silly price when it finally appears, I'll almost certainly go for it.


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  Hello to all.


  I have just bought a digital camera FUJI PIX it DIES S-3 PRO, providing me very good results, but when I capture a file in format RAW, my version of Photoshop CS doesn't recognize the file.

  where can I load a plug-in to solve the problem?. I have gone to it paginates it:


  but I don't find where to be able to transmit the file.


  Can somebody help me?.


  Thank you.

  Pardon for my English, text translated by computer.
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