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I have used black only inks with the Epson 2000P, the C84 and the
2200. They all worked fine, but the black inks produce so much
contrast (over about log 3.30 with all three of these printers) and I
had to use a very steep curve to adjust. This is not ideal.

The R1800 has a maximum contrast of about 2.4 with the the black ink,
which makes it close to ideal for very long scale processes like
straight palladium, salted paper, VDB, etc. It would be a good
printer to mix black and colored inks, as Clay suggests in another
post. But you still have the problem of a very slow drying pigmented
ink set that is subject to pizza wheels. But the tones are remarkably
smooth, much smoother than the Epson 2200. Not an issue for printing
on art and drawing papers but it might be for printing on smooth
surface silver papers.

Sorry, but I don't have any experience with the Epson 1160. But there
has been a lot of discussion of it here in the past so you might do a
search in the archives.


>You are obviously experienced with the Epson 2200 for Pictorico OHP
>dig-negatives for alt-processes. I have had only mediocre (poor)
>results with using color pigments as recommended by Dan Burkholder,
>although he gets fine results - and will now try black inks - have
>you had success with black inks? Any experience with the Epson 1160
>which uses dye inks but for black should be good. That printer is no
>longer preferred for color work. While not a major consideration it
>is faster than the 2200. I plan to try both unless I am dissuaded by
>your adverse experiences, if any. Thank you for your input. Joachim
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>The R1800 will print on Pictorico OHP but the pigmented inks dry
>very slow so it is iffy at best with other OHP materials such as
>Crystal Clear. I tried it and it caused pizza wheel marks on this
>OHP, when the 2200 does not (at least for me).
>Also, the R1800 can only be used to print in black ink. The color
>inks do not have enough density for UV processes.
>Your best choices at present are the Epson 1280 (most economical)
>or 2200 (available for a lot less than a few months ago) in older
>technology, or the Epson 2400 for the latest.
>>Ok, the time has come gang. I'mma get a printer.
>I wanna be able to print Color B&W and Negs atleast as big as 13x19
>So I was looking for some recommendations.
>I was looking and saw Epson Stylus Photo R1800.
>Prints up to 13x44. It doesn't mention being able to print on
>Transparency. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience with
>these inks and that type of material.
>Please shoot me some help, K?
>Sorry I haven't paid attention to the 5,000 emails about this already.
>I'm a bad boy and understand I was wrong for not being better.
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