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Date: 09/07/05-10:02:20 PM Z
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sounds like a lot of Tween, but why not try to coat without the puddle
pusher and at least eliminate that variable. Do you use a lot of
pressure as you coat the sheet?

if you still get splotches with a brush, eliminate the tween, test

FYI, I put about two to three drops per 100 ml (also how concentrated
is your Teen mixture?)

Darryl Baird

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Subject: Argyrotype Paper Problem
I have recently started using the argyrotype process
and have run into a problem. Using Crane 90# cover and
a puddle pusher , I am having very inconsistent
I get an even coat, but sometimes I get a splotchy
effect that shows on the opposite side, and also in
the finished print. Is this a problem with the paper
or the amount of Tween that I am using (1-2 drops per 5ml)?

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