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Date: 09/07/05-07:11:42 AM Z
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Dear List members,

I thought I might as well announce to this group my upcoming project
and associated website and BLOG entitled, "Re-Picturing the
Picturesque." The website contains the info on the historical
background, inspiration, present scenario, references, and the
individuals involved with the project.
In short I'm 'performing' a re-photography style photo survey in a
river valley (Wye) bordering Wales and England which was a
pre-photography sites important in the development of picture
aesthetics. Sounds boring I know, but what else could I have done with
my sabbatical? You can also join me in a virtual way by visiting the
BLOG (you can 'subscribe' in order to be notified of updates) during
the two weeks beginning September 21st.

Check out http://www.re-picture.info (main site, with animated splash

Darryl Baird
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