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Date: 09/06/05-04:24:39 PM Z
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No, not at all. Nothing wrong with a splash page, IMO. I've never been
fooled into thinking that there was nothing beyond the splash. In fact,
it's pretty obvious to most web surfers, I would think. Especially a site
like yours that says "Enter Site" or Clay's that has an image of an
opening door... Pretty big visual hint, don't you think?? Also, the mouse
pointer turning into a pointing finger is another clue most people pick up
on pretty quickly.

My only comment on your splash page would be to center the title text over
the image.

Now, flashing lights and annoying music are guaranteed to cause me to
click away from a site.


> I realize that I have offended by having a "splash page" - but is it
> really all that bad????
> Comments???
> Kate
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