Re: Making Silver Oxide From Red Devil Lye: Argyrotype

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Date: 09/05/05-12:51:33 PM Z
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Etienne, the lye I have on hand is guaranteed 98.5 per cent pure sodium
hydroxide, marketed as an ingredient for making soap. I'll correct myself by
saying it's not Red Devil (I must have been thinking of an old container)
but is labelled (Lessive) Gillett brand. I'm thinking that this must be pure
enough for this intended use.


Etienne Garbaux wrote:
> Darryl wrote:
>> Red Devil and Drano (in a can) are both sodium hydroxide
>> I've used the Drano product and while it works I've also had
>> more inconsistencies/failures and more problems with contrast with
>> that particlular formula. The Drano product contained some weird
>> looking aluminum shavings and a blue tint
> Drano DOES contain aluminum shavings -- the sodium hydroxide reacts
> with it to produce hydrogen (!) gas, which is supposed to bubble and
> loosen clogs. It is generally NOT a suitable photo chemical.
> Best regards,
> etienne
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