Re: "speckling" v "staining " (was New Orleans/glut)

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Date: 09/05/05-10:44:11 AM Z
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Chris, Judy, Catherine, et all,

If we are to make real progress in understanding sizes, papers, and gum
methods it seems we will have to resolve the terms used to describe various
aberrant results. Clearly writing about it is continuing to be confusing and
misleading. Remember the quote something like "writing about art is like
dancing about architecture" (at the moment I can't remember who wrote that).
We need a visual reference for the terms and conditions we are referring to.
Does someone have a site where images could be posted from various workers
where similar effects could be grouped together and given a clear name. I'm
sorry to be proposing such a thing and not offering to do it myself, but it
seems the time has come to have a visual tool to refine the discussion and
move us foreword.

This is not meant as a criticism of those of you putting so much effort into
trying to clarify this on the list just as a suggestion of the next step.

Jack Brubaker
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