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Date: 09/05/05-02:49:24 AM Z
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On Sep 4, 2005, at 8:00 PM, ryberg wrote:

> I just realized that by making these tests I was really stealing
> the
> student's term project! I'm embarassed. I'll make no further posts
> on this
> topic till the term is over and the student has worked out her project.
> Charles, Portland Or.

I don't mean to "fly off the handle" here but....

While I might avoid some works to prevent disrupting my own creative
process, I would never say than anyone should stop writing about or
working on a process just because someone else is.

Using normal BW paper as print-out-paper appears to be such a loose and
open-ended process that I suspect most of us would have difficulty
repeating each others experiments even if we tried. Besides, there are
plenty of artists using the same "standard" papers, chemistry, and
techniques to produce BW prints that are still relevant and unique to
each person.

In the end, we should probably just thank Christina Anderson's student
for reminding all of us about this interesting process.

regards, Ben Coburn

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