Pacific NW alt-photo group?

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Date: 09/03/05-06:07:02 AM Z
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(This is a re-post because the first one didn't come through and it
looks like I might have cut and pasted the wrong address for it. So if
you get two, I apologize.)

Several months ago there was an invitation to join an alt-photo group
forming for the Pacific Northwest and southern BC. I didn't respond at
the time because I was busy, but since I'm planning a trip to Seattle
and Bellingham later this month, I got to wondering if that group does
exist and if there would be any chance that they'd be meeting while I
was up in that neck of woods.

Yesterday I found the post in the underbrush of my inbox, but when I
clicked on the URL to join the group, it told me that the purpose of
this group is to promote the aims of the new Photo History Center in
Santa Fe.

So is this the northwest alt-photo group, or is there another group? I'm
confused. I would reference the original post but today I can't find it
either in the inbox or the trash, sorry.
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