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Column A = unfixed, post exposure
Column B = fixed, no (or little) dark storage


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OK, still having fun with the lumin prints. Here's the results of
leaving two images in their relative 'contact frame' overnight. I've
combined the four into a little "chart."


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Subject: Lumin prints tests
OK, I admit I was taken by those lovely print examples (thanks, Kerik)
and their outrageous colors. After Chris' post about handling in
daylight and long exposure times I tried two more (first test
yesterday on Luminous VC RC was unimpressive) attempts with Ilford
Warmtone, fiber paper. Of these two, both exibited a pronounced
pink-red color underneath the plant leaves and an 'aura-like' area
around the plants. Unfortunately on immersion in a 10% hypo solution,
the pink-red fades away into a nice golden yellow. I scanned the
second attempt (2+ hours) before fixing. I'm placing it on the
Internet at

after the fixed version is dry, I'll post it as well

the first of the later two had a dark storage time of at least four
hours. I'm 'cooking two more as I write and plan to leave them in my
yard overnight... I'll report back yet again then.

.... boy is this fun or what!?

Darryl Baird

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