Re: Response to Richard Corbett's comments about New Orleans

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Guys, this is an alternative photography newsletter. Discuss this in your
own time, but please keep the chain free of your personal comments and
anything other than alternative photography information. The off-topics are
almost enough to make me want to drop the list.
And yes I feel bad for everyone who died/lost homes/loved ones, but this
isn't the place to discuss it.

On 9/1/05, Richard Corbett <> wrote:
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> Subject: OT: Response to Richard Corbett's comments about New Orleans
> > Richard, I'm not sure quite what you mean by this, but it's a phrase
> with
> > biblical connotations, and many people would assume from such a stark
> > remark
> > that you are suggesting the disaster that has befallen New Orleans and
> the
> > area around it is some sort of judgment. If you are making that
> suggestion
> > in the belief that it has some biblical or Christian warrant, then you
> > should be aware that you are wrong; and not only wrong, but offensive.
> The
> > kind of crude historicism your (implied) view represents is quite
> > explicitly
> > rejected in the gospels by Christ himself .. look at Luke 13, for
> > instance,
> > and the reference to those killed by the tower at Siloam. 'Do you think
> > they
> > were any worse sinners than ..' No. Any normal human being, Christian or
> > otherwise, who looks at what has happened to New Orleans feels nothing
> > other
> > than immense sorrow, and sympathy for those who have lost their loved
> > ones,
> > their livelihoods, their homes. Shame on you for your remarks.
> Thats all right. The USA governemnts attitude to global warming is shamed
> by
> the rest of the civilised world, including your governemnt wee laddie.
> But they should worry more my freind because one of their own at texas
> University recently presented a paper showing how one half degree in sea
> water warming
> increased hurrican speed by 25% and I do believe that the seas around that
> area have increased by two degrees during the last ten years.
> What you sow, like 50% of the world output of greenhouse gasses, so shall
> you reap, like last weekend.
> And surely there will be plenty more where that came from, just give it
> time.
> Richard
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