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Date: 10/31/05-02:45:01 PM Z
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Katherine wrote:

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>Well, I don't know, but while staring for a long time at a reproduction
>of one of the three versions of Steichen's Flatiron image in Stieglitz's
>collection, in order to decide whether I think the gum was printed with
>a positive, I fell totally in love with the picture and now want to see
>it in person some time before I die. An interesting though mainly
>irrelevant factoid: of the three versions of this image in the
>collection, only one is actually gum over platinum; the other two are
>gum over gelatin-silver, and all three were made from a copy negative
>taken of an earlier gumover print; from my reading I take it that no
>one knows what happened to the original print that the copy negative was
>taken of.

I saw it. I think it's in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, or else
the Met. I have the poster. I love it too.

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