Re: sources for uv exposure units or plate makers? (or any hints onhow toget good good contct?)

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Date: 10/30/05-08:23:32 AM Z
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I've tried for years to get good results using a vacuum frame using
large poly plates. Could be the altitude (I live in Colorado), but I
haven't had great luck until recently. I talked to Harold Kyle at
Boxcar Press ( who described retrofitting one, by
replacing the glass with Kreene plastic taped under the frame, which is
what he said he did before he outfitted his company with professional
plate burners (which retail starting at 5K). Kreene allows you to
smooth the bubbles out and create very tight contact between the film
and plate.

I highly suggest you talk with him before investing in an exposure unit
fitted with a vacuum frame, assuming that's the route you're
considering. Real plate burners are probably the way to go, if you can
find one cheaply for polymer plates.

Best wishes,

On 10/29/2005, "Carmen Lizardo" <> wrote:

>Dear List,
>Many, many thanks for all of the info.
>Ed, I live in Kingston, New York.
>I am going to try every suggestion I received,
>(including having my mother in law sit on top of the
>print), athough that will requre for her to visit
>Since that exposure units are expensive, and shipping
>costs are very high, I thought that I should build my
>own, but between teaching full time and raising my
>daughter, I have no time to build, I rather make some
>Thanks, :-)
>--- Kai Hamann <> wrote:
>> Dear Carmen,
>> UV units with vacuum plate are sometimes auctioned
>> via ePray.
>> I donīt print as big as you do, only up to 15 x 20
>> paper size, and still use the shirtly method I began
>> with: rimless frames. A piece of soft foamed
>> material is put on the back. Then come paper,
>> negative and the glasplate. This pack is clamped at
>> the edges and thatīs it. Maybe this is an option for
>> you.
>> All the best
>> Kai
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