Problems in email headers

From: Eugene Robkin ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/29/05-10:07:06 PM Z
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Hi all

I have no idea how widespread this is but about half of the list postings are getting stopped by my ISP's spam filter in spite of the list address being on the list of approved senders. I know that the address in the To: line is correct because when I manually allow the emails to get through they are sorted to an Alt-Photo folder on my computer by an email tool that looks at the To: line for the alt-list address and sorts it all correctly whether it came through on its own without filter interference or was one I had to manually release from spam impoundment.

This is a minor inconvenience for me but I wonder if some of you are missing list stuff and don't even know it. If some of the list Re: or other discussions seem to have an incomplete or garbled context for you it may be because you are not getting all the material. I don't think it has a common cause or a common solution or even if it affects anyone but me but I don't know.

Gene Robkin
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