Re: Aqua regia/Nobel prize

From: Jeff Sumner ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/28/05-10:14:00 PM Z
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Wallace would certainly had invented a machine to help the process along...

Seriously, how much Aqua Regia would it have taken to absorb a full Nobel
Prize? Lots? Iım guessing ³sizeable quantities.² Doesnıt Aqua Regia slowly
break down, anyway, reducing itıs solvent power?


Em 10/28/05 10:41 PM, "" <> escrivou:

> According to the Nobel prize people, new medals were struck as it would be too
> much trouble to recover the gold from the aqua regia. De Hevesy said that
> while the invasion (of Denmark) was taking place, he was busy dissolving the
> medals because it gold is so non-reactive that it took a long time.
> He was wearing a Wallace and Gromit T-Shirt and working at his kitchen sink
> without gloves.
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