Re: report on cynotype and acid and a chemistry question.

From: T. E. Andersen ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/25/05-08:42:01 AM Z
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Hello Carmen,

Thank you for the information on using citric acid in the cyanotype
The information you give about your recipe puzzles me a bit. Could you
please post your actual recipe? The one I've always used, as well as all
other that I have checked, use a 1:1 ratio of the two component
solutions. This implies that you may have a significantly different
recipe from what I'm used to.

Also,- when you say 25% citric acid, what do you mean? Is it 25% of the
total volume? 25% by weight of citric acid in the final solution?

Thanks again, and have a fine day!

Best regards,
Tom Einar Andersen

Carmen Lizardo wrote:
> I used the classic formula, mixed 2a: 1b and added 25
> percent of citric acid (Of a 40 percent solution of
> citric acid mixed with distilled water).
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