Re: Magnani Pescia et al.. for gumprinting

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Date: 10/25/05-12:52:15 AM Z
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Thanks for the clarification - the paper I was referring to is the
traditional white.

Hamish Stewart Gum Bichromate Photographer -

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> Subject: Re: Magnani Pescia et al.. for gumprinting
> Hamish Stewart wrote:
>> David,
>> I would add to others comments regarding Fabriano Artisco. A good solid and
>> dependable paper. I find it is pretty consistent batch to batch. I have also
>> used saunders waterford in the past with success though had some consistency
>> problems recently.
> Hi Hamish,
> Just for clarification, do you mean Fabriano Artistico Extra White, or
> Fabriano Artistico Traditional White? They are very different papers.
> Fabriano Artistico Traditional White is the paper that was always named
> just plain Fabriano Artistico; Fabriano Artistico Extra White is a new
> paper (3-4 years old?) that was marketed as a replacement Fabriano Uno.
> It was after the advent of this new paper also named Fabriano Artistico
> that the old Fabriano Artistico took on the "traditional white"
> qualifier to distinguish it from the new paper.
> Katharine
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