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Also, you should start by adding the Sodium Chloride FIRST and then add the
Palladium Chloride after the Sodium is dissolved. And if you are going to
make a mistake, by all means, error on the side of TOO MUCH sodium chloride
rather than too much palladium chloride. Without sodium chloride, the
palladium will not get it to solution but will "float" around or just settle

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> Subject: Palladium Chloride for Kallitype
> Someone asked how to make a 20$ palladium chloride (sodium
> chloropalladite) solution, of the type I use in mixing a
> palladium
> stock solution for toning kallitypes. Here are the directions.
> Start with 42 cc of hot distilled water, add 5 grams of
> palladium
> chloride and 3 grams of sodium chloride. The solution last
> indefinitely. This may or may not be exactly a 20% solution,
> but the
> difference is not relevant for the application.
> Sandy
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