Re: I don't feel so lonely - Burkholder is coming up north.

From: Dan Burkholder ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/24/05-02:46:47 PM Z
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The goats are safe*. No comment on the other claims. ;^)

If anyone's interested, you can learn about the Vancouver Workshops
(both the One-Day Blitz and Four-Day Hands-On) at the following:

And, if there are any list members in Spain or surrounding area, I'll be
doing a One-Day Blitz Workshop in Madrid on Nov. 5th. Sorry for the late
notice but it all happened quickly. For info, email

Hope to meet some of you soon!


*unless recently bathed and groomed.

Photogecko Austin wrote on 10/24/05, 2:22 AM:

> Here are some ways to prepare:
> -- Send away your wives and daughters (or husbands and sons. . .
> whatever)
> -- Set free any horses, cattle, goats, swine, etc.; euthanize any small
> pets
> -- Donate all items of value to charity; burn everything else
> -- Mail your wallet to your most distant relative
> -- Change your name to Sandy King
> -- Join a fledgling monastic order just off the coast of Norway

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