Making PlatniumChloride out of Platinum wire

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Date: 10/24/05-11:42:20 AM Z
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    Here is a good trick that not many people know about.....

    Over the years I have literally made thousands of dollars by getting the
thermocouples out of scrapped out high temperature kilns and off
temperature controllers on heat treating lines.....They are usually have a
solid platinum wire along with a dissimilar platinum based alloy wire..
Either wire sells for about $9 a gram at the scrap dealer...
 . I have heard rumors of pure platinum crucibles out there in specialized
science labs and high tech process plants but have not run across one
yet... I heard they are about $20,000 new for a decent size one.............
Sooner or later I will come across one though and I bet I will be able to
buy it for one dollar or two............ .
        You can tell if it is platinum if you put a cutting torch to it and
it just glows and forms a little ball but does not vaporize.... It should
also bend relatively easy like lead sheet and have a brighter

John Cremati

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> Hi Cor,
> I stumbled upon this article a while ago it concerns itself, among other
> things, with refining platinum from, of all things, old catalytic
> from cars. Who knew?! I suppose you would have to name the sub-genre
> alt-process appropriately once you started to print with these recovered
> materials ie. Volkswag-o-type, Merced-o-type, Ford-o-type,
> ~m
> Breukel, C. (HKG) wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Clearing out surplus electrophoresis equipment out of my biochemistry
> > lab has results in a few grams of platinum electrode wire. I would
> > like to try to turn this wire (no idea about the purity, pretty pure
> > I guess) into Platinum Chloride by taking the same route which I took
> > to make GoldChloride out of pure Gold (yes I am aware of the
> > necessary safety precautions and have access to equipment). It is my
> > understanding that Pt is soluble (only) in aqua regain, so it would
> > be interesting to give it a try, although I am a bit worried about
> > possible impurities. At best I could end up with platinum chloride
> > for Pt printing, at worst at least I could perhaps use it for making
> > up Pt toner, to be used on Kallitypes,
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Best,
> >
> > Cor
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