Magnani Pescia et al.. for gumprinting

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Date: 10/24/05-06:32:04 AM Z
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Dear All,

Very soon I will be making my annual trek to the UK for reprovisioning etc..

My brief encounter with Talbot paper from Ruscombe Mill really taught me
a lot, so I won't be buying any more this side of Hell freezing over.
I've no doubt that those of you with great expertise could make
wonderful prints with it but for me it causes too many problems. So, I
need a paper which

a) does not cockle when wet,
b) does not cockle when dry,
c) does not expand and contract like a concertina during the Gum Process
d) has a fine surface
e) has a nice white colour (note the correct spelling Wikipedia)
f) does not sink during development..

In fact I want the perfect paper for Gumprints which are somewhat
detailed. I can't afford to try lots of samples because of my remote
location (somewhere in South-West Turkey) and I have to make my
purchases in one hit.

It has been suggested that Magnani Pescia has all these qualities. Does
anyone use this paper. A certain famous Gum printer says Reeves BFK is
unsuitable yet others say it is fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Best Wishes,

David H.
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