Making PlatniumChloride out of Platinum wire

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Date: 10/24/05-05:52:12 AM Z
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Clearing out surplus electrophoresis equipment out of my biochemistry lab has results in a few grams of platinum electrode wire. I would like to try to turn this wire (no idea about the purity, pretty pure I guess) into Platinum Chloride by taking the same route which I took to make GoldChloride out of pure Gold (yes I am aware of the necessary safety precautions and have access to equipment). It is my understanding that Pt is soluble (only) in aqua regain, so it would be interesting to give it a try, although I am a bit worried about possible impurities. At best I could end up with platinum chloride for Pt printing, at worst at least I could perhaps use it for making up Pt toner, to be used on Kallitypes,



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