Re: Matte Translucent Film for inkjet printer, can someone recommend?

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You might check this resource:

This is a great place to go for a wonderful variety of papers. I don't
remember the specific papers I used. Usually I would go to the store and pick
out a variety of papers that appealed to me (and there are a lot of them!).
That doesn't mean they are all good for inkjet or for alt process. The clerk did
have some sense of papers that people would use for these purposes.

Have fun!


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> Mark --
> Which rice papers have you used with success?  I've had only failures, but
> perhaps it's my printer/inks:  1160 with Cone inks and 1280 with Epson inks.
> 'Would appreciate any suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Rita

Best Wishes,
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