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I agree with Dave. in fact, with the gum on top it gets richer. I figured
it was the acid in the gum and/or the protective layer that helped, as
cyanotype loves acid and doesn't like alkalinity. Around the borders where
the cyanotype is nekked outside the gum that is coated on top there is a
slight fading due to extended wash periods from developing the layers of
gum, though, but where the gum is covering the cyanotype no fading occurs.
Or, at least, that is my experience with hundreds of gum over
cyanotypes...(you never can be too sure on this list).
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> I've never seen any evidence of cyanotype fading with gum printed over it.
> Dave in Wyoming
> cyanotype/gum prints here:
>> I've been experimenting with the gum process for several months now.
>> It's getting more comfortable and predictable.
>> Just started searching for some artistic style to pursue more
>> thoroughly. This has let me to a layer of cyanotype with 2 layers of
>> gum (three colors which i can play with much more).
>> My question to those who've done this is:
>> What about the fading of the cyan layer under gum?
>> (I've searched the site but haven't found any definitive answers)
>> thanks! Anne
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